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Trucks conduct geological survey for Einstein Telescope

This September, three trucks are driving slowly through the Heuvelland and Voerstreek regions. These trucks are used to carry out geological research for the Einstein Telescope.

The Einstein Telescope requires a quiet environment to be able to take good measurements and will be realised at a depth of 200 to 300 metres. Previous studies have shown that the subsurface of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine seems quiet enough for the Einstein Telescope. But a better understanding of other factors and a larger area is needed. That is why three trucks are driving through the region to conduct precise subsurface measurements. Every 10 metres, these trucks lower a vibrating plate. Sensors along the route measure the effects of this to accurately map the structure of the subsurface.

The trucks drive between ‘s Gravenvoeren and Euverem, from Margraten to Henri-Chapelle and between Neufchâteau and Sippenaeken. To avoid nuisance in sensitive areas, such as villages or near badger setts, the measurements in these areas are restricted or no measurements are carried out here at all. The research is financially supported by Interreg EMR and carried out by the E-TEST international scientific consortium led by the University of Liège.

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