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“Earth briefly becomes jelly pudding during gravitational wave”

Prominent attention for Einstein Telescope during tenth Dutch Gala of Science.

With the theme “Science Works,” the tenth Dutch Gala of Science took place Nov. 22 in Amsterdam. This time with prominent attention for the Einstein Telescope and the candidacy of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine as the location for this observatory.

Among others, NWO president and gala curator Marcel Levi was an attentive listener to the fascinating story of Gideon Koekoek, theoretical physicist at Maastricht University. Gideon took everyone through the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead scientifically in measuring gravitational waves. With the ET Pathfinder as a “test rig,” a lot of technology can already be tested for the Einstein Telescope. And for those who had difficulty imagining exactly what happens when a gravitational wave hits the Earth, Gideon Koekoek had an illuminating equation: when the Earth is hit by a gravitational wave, it vibrates like a jelly pudding.

Gideon Koekoek looks back on a good and meaningful meeting. “The Science Gala is a nice stage to share the developments of Einstein Telescope and ET Pathfinder, and to let everyone know about the great things happening in Dutch South Limburg. In addition, it is important to explain that the investments are not only good for science, but also for the Euregio Meuse-Rhine and society.”

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Photo: Gala of Science (New Scientist NL) / Bob Bronshoff

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