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Learning all about the Einstein Telescope

There is also great interest in the Einstein Telescope among young people. Some are interested in the scientific aspects of the underground observatory, others want to know all about its construction while and number three sees themselves working here in 10 years’ time as data analysts, maintenance engineers or physicists.

Pupils from Keerkring primary school in Cadier en Keer were recently guests of L1 at the European Parliament in Brussels. The Einstein Telescope was one of the topics on their programme. Physicist Gideon Koekoek of Maastricht University travelled with them to explain to the pupils what the Einstein Telescope is and how the device to measure gravitational waves works. And above all: what interesting opportunities will there soon be for kids who are still in primary school? Curiosity and enthusiasm were high. And not only from this group of Cadier en Keer pupils. Dutch MEP Jeroen Lenaers also wanted to know more about the Einstein Telescope.

This video (in Dutch) is a compilation of the entire broadcast with other topics, for which thanks to L1 for making the film material available.

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