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14th Einstein Telescope Scientific Symposium in Maastricht

The 14th Einstein Telescope Scientific Symposium has held in Maastricht, the Netherlands, from 6 to 10 May 2024. The event brought together nearly 500 researchers, students and professionals from all over the world for a week of discussions, presentations and collaborations. Participants took the opportunity to discuss the latest advances in the technological developments needed to build the Einstein Telescope.

The symposium’s full scientific programme included plenary lectures, parallel presentation sessions and collaborative sessions. Participants were able to discover the progress made in the development of key Einstein Telescope technologies, such as ultra-precise cryogenic mirrors and ultra-stable suspension systems.

Site tours

In addition to the scientific sessions, participants had the opportunity to visit a preparatory geological drilling site and discover the ETpathfinder project from the observation room. This visit enabled researchers to familiarise themselves with the technical challenges involved in building the underground observatory and to understand the crucial role of the ETpathfinder project in validating key Einstein Telescope technologies.

Closer international collaboration

In conjunction with the symposium, the participating scientists had the opportunity to visit the Centre Spatial de Liège (CSL) and AMOS at the Liège Science Park to find out more about the E-TEST project. The visit served to strengthen the links between the E-TEST project teams in Belgium and other countries, and to encourage new collaborations.


The symposium was also an opportunity for the various key working groups of the Einstein Telescope project to meet and take stock of their progress. The Observatory Science Board (OSB), the Instrument Science Board (ISB), the Electronic Infrastructure Board (EIB) and the Site Characterisation and Preparation Group (SCB/SPB) discussed the challenges and opportunities ahead, and defined strategies for moving the project forward to completion.

Ambitious project

The Maastricht symposium demonstrated the growing interest in the Einstein Telescope project and the dynamism of the international scientific community in working towards its realisation. The event marked a new milestone in the development of this revolutionary observatory, which promises to help us discover the secrets of the universe in a way never before possible.

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