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R&D-call ET technology domain ‘Optics’ open

The third call for the R&D scheme Technology Domains Einstein Telescope (ET) for high-tech companies is open. The aim of this scheme is to stimulate innovation and accelerated development of new technologies for the Einstein Telescope. And thereby strengthen the future earning capacity of the Netherlands and its candidacy for the Einstein Telescope. This call is for the technology domain ‘optics’ and a grant of € 2,500,000 is available.

About the Optics domain

The Einstein Telescope (ET) will be an observatory for gravitational waves that depends on the measurement of minute relative length differences between the kilometer-long arms of a laser interferometer. Optical systems are a crucial aspect of the ET. Within this domain, the development and interferometric testing of large silicon mirrors are central. The elaboration of this challenge can be found here.

Who is eligible for the R&D scheme?

The scheme is open to individual companies and partnerships (consortia). Consortia can include startups and SMEs, large companies and knowledge institutions.

Program manager Jorg van der Meij (LIOF): “We invite high-tech companies and knowledge institutions active in the field of optical systems to contact us. A team of business developers is ready to answer questions. They can help with the application and with finding a cooperation partner. We are also looking at the potential of the technology for other applications.”

Application process and timing

The call for the optics technology domain runs until 23:59 on 12 September 2024. More info on the R&D scheme, the team of business developers and the technology domains can be found on the Einstein Telescope for business website. Applications can also be submitted via this website.

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