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Geological survey

Geological surveys will take place in 2024 in the Belgian and Dutch search area for the Einstein Telescope. With exploratory drilling and so-called geophysical-seismic surveys, the Einstein Telescope – EMR project office aims to get a better geological picture of the underground.

Drilling campaign

Before determining the three vertices for the underground telescope, information from drilling about the composition of the undergroud will help identify potentially suitable sites for this. Want to know more about the drilling campaign, how we will proceed and what we want to investigate?

Locations and dates

We carry out exploratory drilling at 11 locations in Belgium and the Netherlands. An overview is given below. The periods mentioned are subject to change. They may change, depending on the progress of the drilling.

Hombourg (WA)PlombièresBounder4 March-11 April
Sint-Pieters-Voeren (FL)VoerenBrabant/Rullen27 March-15 May
Teuven (FL)VoerenKloosterhofstraat4 April-21 June
Gemmenich (WA)PlombièresRue de Terstraeten9 April-27 May
Obsinnich (FL)VoerenObsinnich near railway17 April-8 July
Aubel (south) (WA)AubelRte de Val Dieu / Bushaye25 April-8 August
Henri-Chapelle (WA)WelkenraedtNear Lekker road15 May-16 July
Epen (NL)Gulpen-WittemSchutterij grounds9 May-20 August
Dal van Vijlen (NL)VaalsGroeneweg18 May-7 August
Vijlenerbos (NL)VaalsCar parkPostponed; new dates not yet fixed
Sint-Pieters-Voeren (FL) (naboring)VoerenBrabant31 May-19 June (probaly)
Note: WA = Wallonia / FL=Flanders / NL=Dutch Limburg
A look at the first drilling site in Hombourg

Communication and viewings

Information meetings have been held for residents of Plombières, Aubel, Gemmenich, Voeren, Vaals and Epen. Furthermore, ‘viewings’ will be organised where interested parties can get on-the-spot information about the work.