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Workshop I: Einstein Telescope: What’s in it for me?

Einstein Telescope EMR Forum

“It is so inspiring to be so aligned”

Led by Gideon Koekoek of Maastricht University, this workshop aimed to reflect on the societal benefits of the Einstein Telescope and related projects. Attendees engaged in dialogue and explored various perspectives on the potential impact of the Einstein Telescope. They shared the sense of wonder about the ET as well as the beauty of collaboration and expressed how it is so inspiring to be aligned together.

The final insight was: “When we think about ‘What’s in it for me?’, we also have to consider the others’ opinions and views. Your desires for ET might not be theirs. And we need to consider sentiment as well as facts.”

Want to talk or get more info on this topic? Please contact Henk Schroen, communication at the Einstein Telescope EMR project office: