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Workshop II: Einstein Telescope Instrument Technology Challenges

Einstein Telescope EMR Forum

“Time is everything, can we stretch it?”

The workshop Annick Pierrard (University of Liège) and Arnaud Stiepen organized to address the technological challenges of the Einstein Telescope Instrument was an inspiring gathering of people dedicated to pushing the boundaries of scientific and technological exploration. In a collaborative atmosphere, experts from various fields converged to dissect the intricacies of the telescope’s technological hurdles. From gravitational wave detection to data processing, every aspect was meticulously examined, with participants actively engaging in problem-solving discussions.

Throughout the session, the synergy among attendees was palpable, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and insights. Teams formed by the workshop leaders, each focused on a specific challenge, pooled their expertise to devise innovative solutions. It was truly a testament to the power of collective intelligence and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Networking opportunities abounded, with professionals forging new connections and strengthening existing ones, laying the foundation for future collaborations. The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm and determination, as everyone recognized the significance of their collective endeavour.
A central question emerged: “Time is everything, can we stretch it?”

Ultimately, the workshop concluded on a high note, with a sense of accomplishment and momentum propelling us forward. Concrete valorization strategies are set in place presently in 2024 in the different EMR regions, and Science-Business consortia are stimulated to be set in place and apply for funding dedicated to Einstein Telescope valorization projects.

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