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Workshop III: Building the Einstein Telescope

Einstein Telescope EMR Forum

“It is crucial to initiate innovative solutions in the construction sector”

The breakout session “Building the Einstein Telescope” emphasized the significance of the construction sector for large-scale scientific projects like the Einstein Telescope. It highlighted past instances, such as the LEP tunnel in the 1980s, where innovative construction developments emerged from such projects. During an engaging conversation, participants of the session recognized the challenges and opportunities the Einstein Telescope presents to the construction sector, including job creation and environmental concerns.

Some takeaways:

•          In every underground construction, the same problems will appear (such as the drainage of water). In that case, the benefits of reusing water should overcome the extra cost. Based on where the access points will be located for the Einstein Telescope, a proper solution will be found.

•          European firms and research institutions are urged to lead in upscaling high-performance cements and concrete while addressing environmental impacts in large-scale infrastructure projects due to the emerging Green Deal.

•          It is crucial to initiate innovative solutions in the construction sector that surpass the standard procedures of projects like the Einstein Telescope, as these procedures often lead to low-circularity solutions.

The workshop encourages further discussion in the future around reducing the environmental footprint of construction materials, incorporating recycled materials and ensuring quality control of large-scale infrastructure projects.

Want to get involved or more info on this topic? Please contact Maxime Corvilain, Valorization expert Einstein Telescope at POM Limburg: