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Workshop IV: Sustainable Logistics for the Einstein Telescope in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine

Einstein Telescope EMR Forum

“ET gives us the opportunity to show what we’re capable of”

With a very concrete assignment, the participants of the “Sustainable Logistics for the Einstein Telescope” workshop enthusiastically started to generate ideas to answer the leading question: “Which set of best practices regarding logistics do we want to recommend for the Einstein Telescope’s tunnels?”

Keywords included multi- and synchro-modality, on-site production, upcycling or recycling. The workshop also explored how a shifting approaches could challenge common everyday habits.
An intriguing concept discussed was the idea of adding an extra, fourth tunnel arm. This inclined “service tunnel” could allow trucks, trains, and conveyors to enter the construction space underground and maintain horizontal flow, simplifying logistics and potentially reducing risks.
Ultimately, the bid book for building the Einstein Telescope in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine serves as a foundational guide for determining which concepts will contribute to the most efficient and sustainable logistics. The EMR Logistics team regularly plans meetings on logistics challenges in various domains, including the Einstein Telescope.

Want to get involved or more info on this topic? Please contact Carine van Hove, policy advisor at EGTS Euregio Meuse-Rhine on behalf of EMR Logistics: