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Dutch Minister intends to support Einstein Telescope proposal

European scientists and governments are currently preparing a proposal to build the Einstein Telescope in Europe. This will be done via the roadmap of ESFRI, the European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructures. If a research infrastructure is on this roadmap, it is a kind of hallmark. It means that scientists and governments see it as an important facility.

One country has to submit the application in September, and at least two countries have to support the proposal. This is independent of where the Einstein Telescope will eventually be built. In this case, Italy plans to submit the application. In a letter to the House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer) on science policy, Minister Van Engelshoven confirms that she intends to support the proposal politically. Scientists from different countries are working on the preparations. It will therefore be a joint proposal, in which Sardinia and the Euregion Meuse-Rhine are both included as possible locations. Countries will probably announce their candidacy in 2022. The decision on the location is expected to be taken in 2023.

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