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Special issue of Eos magazine on Einstein Telescope

What can we learn from gravitational waves? How much more of those collisions in the universe will we hear with the new observatory Einstein Telescope? And will that research facility really be located in the border area of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany? The Belgian science magazine Eos wrote a special issue about the Einstein Telescope and everything that comes with it.

“You can compare this groundbreaking project to the creation of a second CERN, but in our backyard,” Eos writes on its website (in Dutch). Science at that level deserves attention, the magazine thought. Together with the Flemish Fund for Scientific Research (the Flemish coordinator of the preliminary studies for the observatory), the magazine set up a special about the Einstein Telescope. This includes articles about the technology, the scientific discoveries and the work to bring the observatory to the Euregio Meuse-Rhine.

  • Einstein Telescope researcher Jo van den Brand talks in this article (pdf, in Dutch) about the fantastic accuracy of the instrument.
  • Want to know more? Buy the EOS special Vibration in Spacetime (in Dutch).
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