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Strong interest from the Benelux Parliament

A lot of interest, enthusiasm and relevant questions. This is the best way to sum up the Benelux Parliament’s session on the Einstein Telescope.

The Benelux Parliament consists of people’s representatives from Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands, who discuss, coordinate and highlight cross-border issues in their own countries. The Einstein Telescope is an example of this. It was therefore one of the topics during this parliament’s two-day meeting in Maastricht.

Guido Derks, director of the Einstein Telescope, took the politicians through the latest developments in the current feasibility phase and the steps to be taken in the coming years. Among other things, he referred to a motion passed by parliament a few years earlier endorsing support for the underground observatory. That support remains undiminished, the meeting concluded.

The politicians’ questions to Derks included the dismantling of the Einstein Telescope in 2085, construction methods, support in the area and the relationship between the underground observatory and wind turbines.

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