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Einstein Telescope valorisation programme advisory board launched

The Valorisation Advisory Board for the Einstein Telescope was installed on 31 August 2023. This council has the mission to advise on how to get maximum impact from the technologies being developed for the arrival of the Einstein Telescope. The advice of this board of six experts from leading business and industry is thus important for strengthening for the Dutch part of the valorisation programme.

About the Einstein Telescope

The underground Einstein Telescope will be Europe’s most advanced observatory for gravitational waves. It will allow researchers to hear black holes collide and gain knowledge about the early universe. The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany are jointly investigating whether to host this world-class observatory. To stimulate innovation and accelerated development of new technologies for the Einstein Telescope (ET), an ET valorisation programme has been set up. The Valorisation Advisory Board guides this programme with national scope. Part of this programme is an R&D scheme for high-tech companies in the Netherlands. This will start in the autumn and over €12 million is available for this.

What will the Advisory Council do?

The council will advise on various aspects of the valorisation process. For example, the council will advise on potential business opportunities that may arise from the technology domains, discoveries and innovations resulting from the ET project. In addition, the council will work on identifying and attracting the right partners and networks. This is crucial to effectively commercialise the knowledge and technologies. The advisory board will make strategic recommendations to establish valuable collaborations. Monitoring the results of the programme is another important task. By setting specific and measurable goals, the success of the programme can be evaluated and any adjustments can be made. The advisory board advises in setting these targets. Finally, they deal with organisational set-up. Setting up an efficient and well-functioning organisation is important to promote the translation of technological breakthroughs into practice. The council advises on the optimal structure and functioning of this organisation. The council meets on a regular basis to advise and review progress.

Who are on the Advisory Board?

The members of the Valorisation Advisory Board are renowned experts from the high-tech industry and have extensive experience in the valorisation of new technologies and product/market combinations. Their diverse backgrounds and knowledge will provide valuable insights to successfully roll out the ET valorisation programme. The board includes:

  • ASML – Joost Smits, EVP Development & Engineering
  • CERN – Han Dols, Head of Business Development & Entrepreneurship
  • Demcon – Dennis Schipper, CEO
  • PhotonDelta – Ewit Roos, CEO
  • S[&]T Ventures – Bart van Mierlo, Director Owner
  • VDL Groep – Geert Jakobs, CEO VDL ETG.

“We welcome the establishment of the Valorisation Advisory Board and look forward to working closely with them. With the addition of this council is an important step in ensuring a sustainable and socially responsible valorisation of expected technological developments.”

Jorg van der Meij, Programme Manager LIOF
valorisatieraad einstein telescope
From left to right: Bart van Mierlo, Dennis Schipper, Jorg van der Meij, Joost Smits, Geert Jakobs, Han Dols and Ewit Roos. Photo: Irene Vijfvinkel
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