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Flemish minister Demir: no new wind turbines in Einstein Telescope area

Flemish minister Zuhal Demir (Environment) will not issue permits for new wind turbine projects in the area where the Einstein Telescope may be built. She also asks local councils and advisory bodies to act accordingly by giving negative advice on similar applications.

According to the minister, the importance of the Einstein Telescope weighs more heavily because “The Einstein Telescope could generate 2 billion in investment and up to more than 1,500 jobs. Therefore, in the interest of our economy and the prosperity of Limburgers, it is evident that we take this precautionary measure,” Demir stated. She believes the plans for the detector should not be “mortgaged” by wind turbines. If necessary, Demir will also appeal against wind turbine projects in neighbouring countries.


The Einstein Telescope requires a quiet, low-noise environment. Earlier this week, the Belgian Council of State put a stop to the permit for the Knauf wind turbine plan in Visé. A few days earlier, the same happened for wind turbines in Oupeye-Juprelle.

Last March, the Belgian Council of State annulled the permit for six turbines near Dalhem because they threaten the arrival of the Einstein Telescope. The latter interest outweighed the interest of wind turbines, according to the Council of State.

Late last year, the Provincial Council of the (Dutch) Province of Limburg also decided on a so-called standstill situation for new wind turbine plans in the Einstein Telescope’s search and protection area.

Discussions are still ongoing regarding the plan of the German city of Aachen, which does not exclude new wind turbines in the search and protection area.

Read minister Demir’s LinkedIn post

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