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Boundless Bocageland now officially a cross-border landscape park

The cross-border rural area of the Flemish Voeren, the Walloon municipalities of Dalhem, Plombières and Aubel and the Dutch-Limburg municipalities of Eijsden-Margraten, Gulpen-Wittem and Vaals will receive the official status of cross-border landscape park. Its name: Boundless Bocageland.

Flemish minister Zumal Demir announced this on Friday, 13 October. This recognition also comes with financial resources to make the ambitions of the landscape park possible in the coming years.

This is good news not only for the sixty organisations behind this initiative, but also for the Einstein Telescope EMR project office. This region largely coincides with the search area for the Einstein Telescope. Just as the bocage landscape benefits from natural tranquillity and little disturbance, the Einstein Telescope also needs as noise-free an environment as possible for optimal measurements.

Read the recent interview with Grenzeloos Bocageland project leader Ann-Sophie Debergh on how the two initiatives reinforce each other.

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