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Millions support from German Bundestag for Einstein Telescope

The German Bundestag decided on November 17 to allocate 9 million euros for the planning and feasibility study of the arrival of the Einstein Telescope. This was reported by the German SPD Bundestag member Ye-One Rhie in a press statement. For 2024, 3 million euros have been reserved, and for 2025/2026, 6 million euros.

“The Euregio Meuse-Rhine, located at the tripoint of Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands, is the most likely and best location for the Einstein Telescope. As a member of the Bundestag in this region, I am very pleased with the support of the German Bundestag for this globally significant research project. Thanks to the excellent scientific and research landscape and the Euroregional location, the Euregio Meuse-Rhine provides optimal conditions for groundbreaking European research such as the Einstein Telescope”, Rhie says this in its statement.

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