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A 10 for profile paper on the ET

Creating a proficiency project about the Einstein Telescope and scoring a perfect 10. Yves Gulpers (18) from Stein did just that. This remarkable achievement led to a visit to the ET Pathfinder in Maastricht, along with his mentor, parents, and two friends.

Yves is in the fifth year of havo (senior general secondary education) at the Groenewald School in Stein. From the moment he first heard about the Einstein Telescope, he was fascinated by it. “I chose this topic for my proficiency project because this megaproject fills my life, from its construction to the end of its operation. Additionally, I am very interested in the collaboration between all the involved countries. This also aligns well with the study I intend to pursue after havo: Public Administration and Government Management.”

Yves puts his signature to the paper he presented to Prof Stan Bentvelsen


The paper, part of the Geography subject, focuses on the societal and economic consequences of the project. “I see many similarities between the Einstein Telescope and CERN, another gigantic project that means a lot for the region of Switzerland, all the involved countries, and even the entire world. CERN has given a significant boost to the local economy and has made the world a better place, for instance, through the invention of the World Wide Web.”

Yves worked on the project for about half a year, starting with an explanation of the theory of relativity. “The scientific aspect is very interesting, but this project has many more dimensions. I examined the influence of aging, for example, what it means for employment, and its financial benefits for the region. I found a lot of information on the internet. Additionally, I attended a lecture on the Einstein Telescope by Professor Stefan Hild. The limit for the project was 10,000 words. I had to cut quite a bit.”

Mentor Mitch Geenen: “A perfect 10 has never been given for a proficiency project before. Yves received this grade because he has acquired an immense amount of knowledge and has delved into the various aspects of the Einstein Telescope.”

Yves handed over his paper to Stan Bentvelsen in the presence of mentor Mitch and friends Sten and Levi


Yves’ ultimate conclusion: “The Einstein Telescope is incredibly important for the residents of the Euregio Maas-Rhine, but also for everyone else. Without the ET, we would likely never be able to discover how the Earth as we know it today came into existence. Despite costing billions of euros, I conclude that it can bring about a lot. That’s why I support the megaproject of the Einstein Telescope and hope that it will be decided to build it here in our beautiful region.”

Does Yves have any advice in conclusion? “My generation will experience this from start to finish. So, my advice is to involve us as young people. We really want that!”

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