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Federal Belgium: over 4 million euros for preparation Einstein Telescope

The Belgian federal government is allocating 4 million euros for the current preparatory phase for the Einstein Telescope. The Council of Ministers approved the proposal to this effect by State Secretary Thomas Dermine (Science Policy). 

The funding is for the preparatory phase of the project and for participation in studies led by the E.T. Organisation (ETO) for the period 2024-2026.

De Belgische federale staatssecretaris voor Wetenschapsbeleid Thomas Dermine
Belgian federal State Secretary for Science Policy Thomas Dermine

Belgian (federal) State Secretary for Science Policy Thomas Dermine wants to send a signal with this funding for the preparatory phase: “We want to make the tri-border point, and Belgium in particular, the centre of the scientific world again and establish this future-oriented research infrastructure in the EMR area.”

Already made earlier, the Flemish government announced to reserve a financial contribution of six and two million euros respectively for the feasibility phase of this underground telescope and for development of specific technologies. The latter is part of the 21 million euros Flemish minister Brouns announced a few months ago for technological developments in a broader sense.

From Wallonia, Minister Willy Borsus recently announced 10 million euros for four research projects for the Einstein Telescope, to be invested in Walloon universities.

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