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Dutch and German company receive innovation voucher for collaboration

The Dutch company Mat-Tech and German company MaTeck will jointly develop technology for the Einstein Telescope, with support from an 50,000 euro Innovation Voucher from Interreg EMR’s Einstein Telescope to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (ET2SMEs) project.

The two companies will jointly develop new technology for joining silicon components to other silicon, aluminum and copper components. These compounds are relevant to the composition of the Einstein Telescope’s mirrors and must be suitable for the extreme conditions there, such as temperatures of tens of degrees below zero and a vacuum environment. MaTeck will use its expertise to manufacture, polish and measure the parts to be joined. Mat-Tech will provide the joining technology and perform the analysis of the joining.

About the Einstein Telescope

The Einstein Telescope is a world-class scientific observatory to detect gravitational waves. The Euregio Meuse-Rhine is one of the regions being considered to host this large-scale underground research facility. The technology is already under development and there are sustainable opportunities for companies here. Mat-Tech and MaTeck have cashed in on this opportunity and will use the allocated funding to develop their innovative technology.

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