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Additional drilling in municipality of Lontzen

A drilling in the municipality of Lontzen in the German-speaking part of Belgium extends the drilling campaign for the Einstein Telescope to a total of 12 boreholes.

The location of that drilling is in the outskirts of the village of Herbesthal in the municipality of Lontzen. The Einstein Telescope EMR project office has made the necessary permission and agreements with the municipality and owner SNCB.

The drilling equipment is now on site. The additional drilling will start on 10 June and will – on schedule -last until 8 August including construction and dismantling.
A drilling in the Lontzen region was already in a preliminary schedule for a second campaign. Partly due to practical reasons, it has now been brought forward. For instance, the schedule has been shifted because of the heavy rain in the past month. Moreover, drilling capacity was freed up by shifting the drilling initially planned in May at the Vijlenerbos car park to a later date.

Drilling in Hombourg earlier this year
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