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Current status of drilling campaign: 2000 metres of core samples

The drilling campaign for the Einstein Telescope is halfway through. The results are not yet available, but despite a period of heavy rain, everything is more or less on schedule. The deepest drilling at the moment is in Aubel, where drilling has reached a depth of 400 metres. If all the rock cores from the six completed drilling sites were laid end-to-end, they would form a line of approximately 2000 metres.


These rock cores from the ground are, of course, not laid in a line but are registered, described, and stored for analysis in a specially arranged shed in Aubel. The drilling in Sint Pietersvoeren, Hombourg, Gemmenich, Obsinnich, Teuven, and Aubel is now completely finished. The deepest drilling was in Aubel, reaching 400 metres, followed by Gemmenich at 314 metres and Teuven at 311 metres. Currently, drilling is still ongoing in Herbesthal, Henri Chapelle, Epen, and Vijlen.


As previously reported, the drilling programme has been adjusted in a few areas. This is due to factors such as the availability of the most suitable type of drilling machine and abundant rainfall in recent months, which made one location temporarily unsuitable. Consequently, an additional drilling site has been added in Herbesthal (municipality of Lontzen). This is the first drilling site in the German-speaking part of Belgium.

The previously postponed drilling at the Vijlenerbos car park is still scheduled for August. This drilling was originally planned for last May but was postponed, among other reasons, due to the breeding season.

Viewing opportunities

For various drilling sites, we are planning moments when the public can come and take a look around the drilling site and receive explanations from our geologists. No registration is required. However, please note: dates may change at the last minute. Check our website shortly before your visit for the latest information.

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